The estimated average cost of a data breach to a company is $3.5m

Managed Security Services

Uncover the business opportunity. Why Managed Security Services?

IT security cannot be left to IT alone, provide your customers with the additional solutions that help to ensure:

  • Customer and shareholder trust, and
  • Revenue protection

The Managed Security Landscape

Security and trust have always been critical to business success, however the emergence of cloud technologies means boundaries are no longer as clear and simple as the office walls. Organisations need policies and procedures that secure the information we openly share and receive, as well as active monitoring to identify both theft and subtle alterations designed to go undetected.

This broad scope and complexity means that for many businesses the resources and skills required are beyond them. They need more than technology solutions; they are looking for partners who can help them benefit from the cloud without leaving them exposed to the growing security threats.

Understanding Your Value

From end point protection through whole supply chain infrastructure to fully managed service.

End Point Protection
It is important that endpoint solutions are put in place as this is the entry point for many attacks. However; this is the mature and increasingly undifferentiated part of the market.

Total Infrastructure Protection
The sophistication of attackers and complexity of our connected infrastructures means that endpoint protection is not enough.
Managed Security Services
Despite the best of efforts security incidents will occur. Managed services support formal information security processes through education, proactive monitoring, reporting and incident. For many organisations an outsourced option for these managed services is necessary.

Technology and Programs

The following selection of rhipe’s vendor partners offer IT and cloud security products and services.

  • Azure AD provides sophisticated Identity and Access Management

  • Build layers of protection with NetScaler, available aaS on Azure.

  • Web application and Firewall protection, mitigation publishing and authentication services as standard.

  • Enforce security across all user devices. Remote access and wipe allows control in the event of accidents.

  • Built-in capabilities, rights management services and compliance via Data Loss Prevention.

  • Deep Security offers application and server protection for Cloud workloads

  • NSX features isolation and multi-tenancy capabilities, distributed firewalling and service insertion to VM level.

How to Start Your Managed Security Conversation

Businesses are recruiting for CISO roles, but the responsibility of IT security lies with every employee as technology alone cannot deliver successful security infrastructure. You also need to take the security conversation to:

The Board

We have seen from high profile breaches such as Target and Sony that this is an issue that reaches as far as the BoD.


Implementing effective security across a business costs money, but not doing it costs a lot more.


The role of the CIO is merging into ‘Chief Innovation Officer’ with the expectation of accelerating innovation and a changing risk/ reward profile.

Line of Business Managers

Everyone wants the flexibility and ability to take advantage cloud solutions that will drive revenue, but LoB Managers need to understand the security management implications.


Understanding this shift from technology to business led decision making and delivering solutions that are closely aligned to these three business outcomes will be key to the ongoing success of technology suppliers and cloud service providers.


Protecting devices and content in the "everywhere" office


Services to proactively monitor and minimise impact of breaches


Automate and integrate

IT security cannot be left to IT alone, provide your customers with the additional solutions that help to ensure customer and shareholder trust and revenue protection,

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