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The Shifting Landscape

The evolution to the “new normal” platform of cloud, mobile, big data and IoT is underway and has coincided and possibly been driven by, a shift from technology based purchasing decisions to ones with a much clearer business outcome focus.

When you are building and managing a service directly then alignment to internal skills, infrastructure and existing licensing are critical.

However, in the “as a Service” world the focus is on outcomes and services level agreements. For example, do people know or care what OS or database underpins Salesforce or Xero?

Friction Free Solutions

The Power Of Easeonomics

Driven by this shift in thinking, service providers can consider in a new light the business outcomes that technology could be applied to:

  • Can a service be made available to more employees or a wider part of the supply chain?
  • Can past uneconomical projects be reviewed?
  • Ultimately what are the impossible ideas that can now be made possible?

As the technology provider you still need to be a technology expert. However, customers have researched you and your solution before you even know them, so you need to be able to market your services to these customers in advance.

  • Differentiation based on your skills and specialisation
  • Sharing the experiences of existing customers just like the ones researching you
  • Alignment to the three core outcomes that all businesses care about:

3 Core Business Outcomes

Increasing sales

Managing risk

Decreasing costs

Solutions Driven By Business Outcomes

Understanding this shift from technology to business led decision making and delivering solutions that are closely aligned to business outcomes will be key to the ongoing success of technology suppliers and cloud service providers.

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