Social, real-time and mobile is changing the way we do business.

Digital Transformation

Uncover the Business Opportunity. Why Digital Transformation?

In a world of digital transformation (DX) CEOs expect that 15-50% of future earnings growth will come from disruptive technologies1. To achieve this staff require the following:

  • access to the right information wherever they are on any device
  • be able to easily collaborate with internal and external contacts to make efficient and timely decisions

The DX Landscape

The lack of a central and simple access point to company data and processes adds to the already challenging levels of information overload (90% of the worlds data was generated in last two years) and is one of the contributors to a lack of engagement within the modern workforce.2 Intranets or internal portals can be a way to provide this centralised capability. The option to scale through on-demand cloud services means that a more agile approach to delivery is possible.

Understanding Your Value

One of the challenges of the shift to the cloud is the skills evolution. To excel in the digital transformation arena, your service sweet spot needs to change from engineering a technical solution to consulting led and business advice driven conversations.

Success for IT service providers will be directly correlated to the trust you build with your customers. While that might have been defined by personal trust previously, in this new world trust is defined by delivering on promises and SLAs coupled to transparency and a new sales model that embraces the fact you’re your customers and prospects are more informed than ever.

Technology and Programs

rhipe works with the following technology vendor’s who offer solutions for digital transformation. In some cases, these are near complete services where you can incorporate 3rd party offerings and your domain knowledge. Others are tools that act as building blocks for you to create your own environment.

  • SharePoint Service Providers of locally hosted, highly customised or controlled environments, or specific add-ins.

  • For hosted SharePoint/ portals/ E-commerce and SaaS, Sinefa can be used at customer sites to provide traffic visibility.

  • As part of Office 365 or SharePoint Server 2013, OneDrive for Business (ODFB) is a place where users can store, sync and share working files from one central location.

  • SharePoint provides a complete hosted platform for internal portals with compatibility with your customers existing hosted environments

  • LiveTiles provide a number of products that enable the creation of a digitial workplace. Most notably LiveTiles Design enhances the user experience for SharePoint Online intranets, allowing rapid build and prototyping.

  • Designed by rhipe Solutions, PortalGo! is communication portal that enables businesses to amplify important messages, manage key content and facilitate collaboration. More information

  • Engage with our rhipe Solutions Consulting team to design and deliver the ideal data structure for your digital transformation project. rhipe Solutions specialise in Information Architecture and the organisation of information based on a business’s structure, needs and goals.

  • Expand on a digital workplace built with LiveTiles and SharePoint Online by adding forms and workflows to replace manual processes and paper trails. More information

  • Create interactive reports, dashboards and enable business analytics to measure the effectiveness of your applications.

  • Get the most from your enterprise social applications such as Yammer or Skype for Business

How to Start Your DX Conversation

IT spending is driven by business requirements, and business leaders want IT to be focused on business results, innovation and continuous improvement. Digital leaders place a premium on internal collaboration, creating processes and teams that integrate various functions across the business, with incentives for sharing. With the focus on business growth and the need for enhanced collaboration there are business and technology stakeholders including:

The Board

Easy access to information about the business allows the board to carry out its role more efficiently.


Make the finance department a key advocate.


With a shift from Chief Information to Chief Innovation Officers, the interests of ITDMs has changed.

Line of Business Managers

The pressure to deliver growth lands with the business line.

Consulting as a Service

The rhipe Solutions Partner Program enables partners to offer business solutions to meet your client’s business needs without having to invest in additional resources or reduce focus on your key activities. The rhipe Solutions Team are specialists when it comes to Office 365 and SharePoint, they can help with migrations, custom applications, UX and branding, training and project management to make the transition to the cloud as smooth as possible.

Why rhipe?

Understanding this shift from technology to business led decision making and delivering solutions that are closely aligned to these three business outcomes will be key to the ongoing success of technology suppliers and cloud service providers.


Create and use packaged IP


Speed to market and scale up/out through scale cloud services e.g. Office 365


Realised value earns the right to deliver additional value add services

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