Computing has gone mobile, anywhere access is normal.

Enterprise Mobility

Uncover the Business Opportunity. Why Enterprise Mobility?

Consumers now expect to be able to access all services, both business and personal, from anywhere.

  • Computing has gone mobile; according to IDC there will be 2bn mobile first users in APAC by 2020(1) and according to one UN report India has more mobile phones than toilets(2).
  • While 52% of information workers across 17 countries report using three or more devices for work
  • 90% of enterprises will have two or more mobile operating systems to support in 2017

The Enterprise Mobility Landscape

Cloud provides the backend infrastructure that powers this capability and the front end is delivered through devices that are no longer locked to a single location – they are mobile. According to Gartner, by 2016 ‘use of mobile apps will surpass that of Internet domain names, making mobile apps the dominant means of engaging with brands’.

Mobility brings new challenges and new opportunities:
• Managing security on a device that can be anywhere
• Intermittent connectivity
• Personal and business applications on the one device
• Access to traditional desktop applications
• File and content access from anywhere
• Higher expectations of SLA’s

Understanding Your Value

There are two ways to look at the landscape for mobility solutions:
• Management and security
• Anywhere access
As the level of required control increases; through either company policy or standards compliance, so does the number of services required and the sophistication of the tools in play. The same is true of Anywhere Access.

Technology and Programs

rhipe offers the following solutions for the mobile workplace:

  • XenApp, Xenfile and Sharefile offer core-hosted workplaces, mobile device management and mobile access to document stores respectively.

  • Azure AD Services for workspaces, ID and security management and the delivery of third party services with flexible licensing options for BYOD.

  • Comprehensive management of BYOD/ mobile platforms for Windows, iOS and Android.

  • Creating agile, mobile friendly branded intranet portals.

  • A complete suite of mobile friendly collaboration tools including OneDrive for Business, for secure and centrally managed file sharing.

  • Subscription based licensing to build core infrastructure as well as offering hosted applications.

  • Hosting of application stacks that support mobile workers e.g. Citrix NetScaler and optimisation services

  • Worry-free business security services to protect devices wherever they are. Supporting the mobile workforce without putting data at risk.

  • Horizon7 delivers, protects and manages virtual desktops and applications.

How to Start your Enterprise Mobility Conversation

There are known IT issues that need to be addressed in order to provide the freedom of working to the employee and protect the business. For example, employee contracts need to cover areas such as working hours (is 9-5 realistic?), appropriate use of devices, who owns the number of the phone and the right to remote wipe BYOD devices. Not being able to access company services whilst mobile as an employee can be a serious business disadvantage. Therefore mobile strategy is relevant to all areas of a business:

The Board

Mobile computing is a key factor of modern business strategy.


Mobility extends the reach of assets and the costs and liabilities incurred.


If users are not supported by IT then they will access XaaS solutions directly.

Line of Business Managers

The days of only having access to computing resources when in the office are long gone.


Understanding this shift from technology to business led decision making and delivering solutions that are closely aligned to these three business outcomes will be key to the ongoing success of technology suppliers and cloud service providers.


Mobile device management


Secure document storage and content rights management


Provisioning of business applications everywhere: Refactoring and/or replacing

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