The zero risk migration solution

SkyKick lets you provide streamlined, user-friendly migration to Office 365.

  1. Plan a migration with a seamless, easy-to-use sales assessment process
  2. Migrate customers with zero-risk, automated Migration Sync
  3. Setup with Outlook Assistant for secure transfer of all client email data
  4. Easily manage your project with Migration Manager

Migration Planner – makes it easy

Migration Planner offers remote migration project automation. Manage every detail of your migration project in the cloud, from the initial sales contact to Outlook setup.

Migration Planner includes:

  • Email assessment
  • Mail routing
  • Mailbox discovery
  • Office 365 licensing

Migration Sync - Complete peace of mind

SkyKick’s Migration Sync technology takes the stress out of your migration journey, making sure all critical data is synced. Even if your client changes the timeframe, it’s all taken care of.

Migration Sync includes:

  • Server sync
  • DNS Sync
  • Account management

Outlook Assistant - All the small details

To hold your hand over the last mile and minimise the risk of downtime, Outlook Assistant takes care of every small but important detail. It also makes sure all your email data migrates with your client.

Outlook assistant includes:

  • Desktop readiness
  • Outlook extras
  • Office 365 setup
  • Local PST migration

Migration Manager - Track, monitor and act

Migration Manager is the at-a-glance command centre to track, monitor and manage all your migration projects.

Migration Manager includes:

  • Migration Tracker
  • Alerts
  • Detailed Reporting
  • Flexibility to change migration plan