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The One Practice Architecture™ is HubOne’s flagship architecture designed from the ground up to meet the needs of Accounting Firms worldwide looking to move to the cloud. Whether used as a methodology in itself, or delivered as a set of technology components for your business, the One Practice Architecture provides financial services firms with the ability to apply enterprise grade rigour to their IT processes whilst delivering piece-by-piece to a well defined end strategy.

HubOne first developed the One Practice Architecture in 2012 when attempting to define a set of product offerings to take to market for accounting firms. Since then, the One Practice Architecture has undergone three major revisions and is now the only rigorous IT architecture available in the world today for Small and Medium Accounting firms and their technology needs.

By leveraging the power of cloud computing, coupled with the unique needs of accounting firms, the One Practice Architecture provides a simple, human friendly way of constraining the problem of IT for accountants into 12 simple concepts.

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